Here at ForDogLove, we love your dog as much as you do. We understand that owning a dog, is a lifetime commitment as they continue to grow, change, interact and become part of your family as your loyal fur friend.

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Fun facts about your dog

Your dog will not get offended as you continuously tug on his ears despite the dislike.

Your dog will choose you over a stranger.

Your dog will respond accordingly to your mood whether depressed or content.

Your dog can be your greatest support and motivation on a everyday basis.


Labrador Retriever often called Labs are a very popular dog breed. They are one of the breed that actually will get in the water and swim. They are very active dogs and are great for outdoor sports due to their energy and stamina.

Pugs are one of the most popular dog breed. They are funny, affectionate, loyal and also adorable. They are featured in different movies including The Secret Life of Pets and Men In Black series.


We Love Them As Much As You Do